After weeks of being overgrown, the ground is muddy!

The day I got the house keys, I dropped by and discovered the sellers let the lawn grow for almost 2 months. It’s spring here in Oregon so I had a miniature jungle with no mowing experience and no lawn mower.

I canceled plans to pack for the move and shopped for lawnmowers. I preferred a battery-operated electric mower for ease-of-maintenance but no one could confirm it would work with my situation. (Know anything? I’m still interested. I found one by Kobalt with 80hp and it comes with 2 batteries.) Meanwhile Mom offered me her old mower if I could wait some weeks for her to visit.

Time to hire help! I made four inquiries and Jose’s Yard Service was on it. They’ve got two crews and the same day they gave me a bid, they did the work. Charging $120 for a one-time cleanup with two guys. They were excellent, easy to work with, and thorough – got all the areas and edges on all sides.

What worked?

It’s wonderful NOT worrying about the lawn for the few weeks while I also pack, move, and unpack.

What could have gone better?

Note to self: keep emotions in check when getting a bid. As Jose looked around, I slumped my shoulders and said, “I know it’s a lot.” Oops! I don’t know if he increased the price because I said that, but he might have bumped it up. Gotta remember my poker face.


Googling gave me the impression a single lawn mowing in this area costs $35 to $80. Jose’s Yard Service quoted me $50/weekly rate and $65/every-two-weeks (for 2 guys). That sounded reasonable because I suspect my yard is big.

Then Sparky’s Landscaping got back to me and quoted at $35/week (for 1 guy). So I’ll be hiring Sparky’s until Mom brings her mower.