hedge diseased
Before in detail: it’s normal for the hedge to have red leaves (that’s new growth) but is not NOT normal to have red spots.

This project never ends and it’s making me weary. On June 18, I started with a full hedge of Red Tip Photinia and just wanted to prune, rake, and keep it healthy.

I noticed spots on the leaves [at right] and google taught me this plant doesn’t like moisture. But I live in wet, wet, Oregon! The spots are a disease and every spotty leaf must go.

It was too much work to do at once. In five long days, spread over three weeks, I abandoned all else, trimmed spotty leaves, and clipped interior branches that were yards long and choking each other out.

Poor hedge, I hacked it up! I’m pouting about it at this very moment, lip and all.

I uncovered two small gardner snakes in the fallen leaves, moving very slow in the heat. I’d still be raking, but a friend came by and finished for me. So now I’m preparing the ground to add mulch.

hedge pruned
After: It took three weeks plus the help of a friend to trim and rake.
Today: I’ve started leveling the ground so I can mulch. The disease travels from the ground up, so the mulch will be preventative.