The air conditioner is blowing hot and the guy on the phone at the repair shop didn’t rush to schedule me like usual – I had to ask for it – so I suspected he wasn’t telling me something.

Google said it: I probably just need more refrigerant and I can do it myself.

I canceled the shop appointment and bought the supplies. It took three weeks to build up the courage to try.

This video gave me the courage…

I must confess, I love the video guy’s careful delivery and his pointing at everything. Thank you, man!

Things the video didn’t teach me:

  1. Push REALLY hard when you attach to the low port. I kept trying to connect and it was hissing so I thought I was in, but it wasn’t grabbing. I visited a car shop, confirmed I had the correct hose, jammed it hard (past the point of hissing) and then it fit snug.
  2. The can will get really cold as you agitate it. Condensation and all.
  3. The instructions said to rotate from 12-o’clock to 3 o’clock and I assumed that meant parallel to the ground. With some experimenting, I think they meant perpendicular.
  4. I expected it to take a while and it really did! I agitated for 30 mins, until the can got really warm and felt empty.
  5. The entire can moved the dial only 10 PSI. I was barely in the “good” range when I ran out, but the air was blowing cold when I turned the car off. So 10 PSI worked!

The end!