I avoid putting my professional wardrobe in the clothes drier because that beats them up, so I’d like a clothesline.

Pulley or reel or what?

I researched different styles and decided I want a static line. And something easy to take down. And discrete. So no pulleys, no reels bolted to the wall, and no ugly, permanent fixtures.


I don’t want the line in my face so I decided to NOT suspend it between buildings, NOT attach to a fence, and NOT add any poles.

And I want clothes protected from unexpected rain in the winter – yes, I wash clothes in the winter. 😉

I decided to put it under the awning of my patio.


I thought all clotheslines were nylon rope, but nope. I chose a rubber-coated, braided wire. It’s more expensive, but clothes won’t slide (that’s so annoying!) and mold won’t grow in the line.

Tie off?

I learned there are dozens of ways to fasten a clothes line, plus a variety of hardwares to adjust tension.

To keep it easy, I drilled plain screws into a beam at a strategic angle so the line will pull itself into submission, at the bottom of the screw.

My very-durable choice of clothes line is inflexible, so I got fancy hardware to bolt the ends into loops that slip over the screws.

If I need to get more elaborate, I can cross that bridge when it comes.